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i cannot decide between tae kwon do karate and aikido since i dont know much bout any of them wat is aikid and wat do u use weapons feet punch?[/QUOTE]

Hey Seero,

Her is an idea take a year or so to get your Black Belt in TKD, and then you can switch over to Aikido. [IMG]http://www.fightingarts.com/forums/ubb/smile.gif[/IMG]

Ok I'm being a little disrespectful here, but so many of the TKD schools in my area are little more than Black Belt farms. I've been to Korea, and I know that when taught as it was meant to be, TKD is a very Dynamic and effective martial art. But, let's face it that is now how it is usually taught here in the US. As a result we have a thousand 10 year old black belts running around who are under the sadly mistaken assumption that they are in a position to defend themselves.

Some of the Aikido schools that I have been to have been a little too concerned about "flowing ki" to be really effective, but on the other hand no one is going to ask you to sign a four year contract for $5,000, at the end of which you are guaranteed to be a black belt.

Good Luck.


-Russ (The Judo Guy)
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