I bet you guys thought I was dead. Truth is, Senseilou almost was practicing at the big dojo in the sky, but I think I was too damn stubborn to go, beside they don't like the way I train up there, so I was reoiled, given a tune up and allowed to stay down here and torment you guys. Anyway, its good to be among the conscience again. Now that I have enough strength to argue, I really don't want to, but, this thread I think actually sums up the problem with Martial Arts. Karate-ka think Aiki is soft, Aiki- thinks Karate is burtal, Jujutus is better than Aiki-Jujutsu and Krav Magra is better than anything, except Muay Tai which with the exception of Jeet Kune Do is the best. truth is, if an Aikidoka wants to kick, let him, and if he feels its Aiki, so what? Point sparring is worthless and kata even more so, than don't go to tournaments, or do kata. Kata makes one a better fighter, then do kata, and sparring is fun, then do it. I think Martial Artists as a whole are too judgemental and concerned with what other people say and do. If one crticizes Aikido for not having kata, that means his style is better cause he has a kata, yet his kata stinks. So is it better to have no kata, or have shitty kata? I think we need to concentrate on our own art, refining what we do, and making ourselves better, than tearing apart how others train. If someone likes to kick or not kick, it really doesn't matter as long as that person enjoys what he does, and can do it well. There's more to training than just how one does technique, so maybe we need to be a bit more tolerant.