Same old rubbish...just a different thread.

People slagging Aikido off because it doesn't contain obvious punches and kicks for their limited imagination.

Same old generalisation and complete misunderstanding of the purpose of Aikido forms.

A harder style of aikido? WTF ! There is Aikido ....and there is not. all aikido can be practiced hard, soft, flowing, solid whatever. Just depends on what you are trying to learn.

No it is not fighting ...does it aspire to be fighting? Dont criticise aikido for not being what it does not aspire to be.

This is a little boring ....Look through previous threads and this is old ground...Aikido 'techniques' are not techniques ...they are tools to develop a martial base.

If you don't appreciate this then fine, continue to brawl but you will find this loses its attraction after 20 years on the mat...If you survive 50 years as my instructors have you may start to appreciate that there is a little more to MA than crushing all before you.

I accept the argument that if you wish to fight then practice by fighting...but the reverse applies...If all you have is the ability to lash out then that is how you go through life. Fighting everyone everytime you feel threatened.