I don't know why people say Aikido is soft.

Being a Shotokan man, I know kicking high in a real fight isn't wise. Kicking is used mostly for stopping the opponent. Best when combine with trapping and even when combined with locking. I wouldn't waste my time kicking below the waist the only point worth kicking when fighting someone bigger is the groin.

Kicking was effective in the fights of the old days when the sword and the staff was used. It was a great tool to reach the opponent while keeping at bay.

That leaves me with the devastating punches, the blocking, pivoting, trapping, elbows and knees. <<That's all we've got!

I don't why people say Karate is hard and Aikido is soft. When it comes to the street the Aikido practioner has the advantage because he has more (useful and realistic) tools at his disposal: Throws, locks, resistance training, takedowns, elbows, knees, blocking, devastating punches, pivoting, trapping.

No offense to other karate practioners but this is just my opinion.

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