Akido v.s BJJ

I am a Shotokan practioner and wrestler (not grappler). No offense to anyone, I am probably not as qualified as most of you to post a reply here but . . .

BJJ guys practise rolling and resisting on the ground, but their stand up game is bad. They don't practise for resistance standing up. That's most likely why the Akido guy gave the BJJ guy a hard time taking the fight to the ground.

Stand up v.s Ground fighting.

Well it depends. I the guy is tall/Medium/Short but skinny I'll opt for the ground. I is builted and heavy looking I'd rather do stand up and avoid taking the fight to the ground.

In the streets people look for people they can pick on. A 5"1 115 lbs guys won't pick on a guy 6"4 and 250 lbs. In a case like this you better not take the fight to the ground if you want to escape from this monster. It'll be easier for you to escape if he's not sitting on top of you.

I mean sometimes fights do end with one of more combatants on the ground (first regardless of how well trained you are, he's gonna take the fight to the ground not you) he's gonna knock you to the ground with his huge fists and when you fall he's gonna jump on you and punch your head like a bag. You won't be able to escape. In situations like this it's better to run and you can't run if your tied up in a knot and laying on the ground.

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