Aaah, I have to disagree again.

I don't know what it means to "posess with competence", but if it's just strength/ fighting skill that you are referring to...

when you are engaging with someone, you can either be stronger or weaker...

In a street confrontation, many factors can decide whether it escalates into fights, if it does, whether anyone get hurts, how badly hurts, and at the end of the day... who comes out alive.

And as far as I understand, fighting ability is only a small factor that affects those outcomes.

On the street, fighting ability doesn't play nearly as big a role as it does on the ring. Which is the main point of this thread.

Now... I agree in training, senarios/ paired work should be made as realistic as possible. However, I disagree with the "hurt the bastard". For me, winning in a street confrontation means coming out in one piece. The best way to achieve it is to de-escalate so that I don't have to fight to start with. If it breaks into a fight, sure, self persevation is an important goal. And if it takes some offensiveness for you to get out, I am not going to be criticizing. But to hold "hurting the bast**d" as a goal of the conflict... it simply doesn't sit well with the aikido mentality (protect all being, including the aggressor). In fact, if you ask me, it disagrees with all budo principles.

Just some thoughts as an aikidoka.


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