on the topic of kicks its so hard to decide, there so many that we can possibly do (oh and on an other note im sorry if i did this incorrectly lol its my frist post so bear with me)

what im going to do is say the three kicks then explain how it works at least for me

1-round house kick
2-heal hook kick
3-hoppin side kick

now for some people they migh think why not finnish with a roundhouse due to the fact it is a very good kick? however i prefer to start up with them due to the fact that sicne they are a good kick i belive that if u can hit hard enough with them it will stune them enough so ur able to get in with the spinning hook kick to the head and then finishing it up with a hopping sidekick to the chest if done correctly obviously they be down so you can get away or if they even go to one knee add addional round house to the head