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So is grappling the best self-defense style for the street?

-What does a grappler do when attacked on stairs or on a subway or in knee deep snow or on a crowed street?
-What about an attacker with a knife or other concealed weapon? A person in a submission hold may not have an empty hand way of getting out of the hold, but a knife in the kidney will end the hold, and the holder. Thugs do not walk around with just one weapon. You may control the arm with the gun, but the other arm may pull a knife.
-When dragged into a broken glass filled alley, do you want to grapple on the ground?
-Do you want to get into a test of strength with an attacker who is high on psychoactive drugs.
-What does the grappler do when the attacker has a friend? Do you want to be on the ground holding an attacker, when his friend comes to his aid? While you are holding down one attacker, what will the other attacker be doing with your spouse?
-An attacker may not be able to escape from your hold-down, but he will bite and spit.
-If you are a law enforcement officer, do you want to grapple with a suspect and give him an opportunity to grab your firearm or other weapon.

Remember, a good grappler knows how to grapple, a great fighter knows when to grapple. Grapple when you have to, but on the street it is strategically safer and wiser to remain on your feet.

So what does an ordinary person do when attacked on the street, usually by a thug who has no rules and would just as soon kill you as not? Thugs do not grapple, they attack in the quickest, easiest way they can, usually with a weapon. In this case, you do what your art has trained you to do!