Hey i am learning tae hap do. this is my 3rd month. i was just wondering if it is useful against streetfights?

i got into a fight before(this guy wouldnt stop talkin about my race and kept on pushing me), i grabbed this guy and kicked him then he fell. but when he stood back up he was mad(lol)...he ran into me and punched to the face. then a pe teacher came..(i knew i couldve kicked his butt if i used just punches)

i was thinking and we hardly used those kinds of blocks in tae hap do(im sure its taekwondo and hapkido mixed), but if i think of taehapdo..i cant think of basic blocks,punches i couldve used.

suggestions to my problems? and how should i train..i do some punches then taekwondo basics then hapkido basics then forms then step sparring (just by myself) then try to work some kicking combos for sparring

(oh yeah my instructors cool..hes korean and i once joined one of those american type of taekwondo(all american)..im like this aint kick boxing and stunt kinda **** ..)