Now, I know the advantages to practicing Kata's (balance, internal energy etc. etc.), but I can't see the point of one and two step sparring. Or as I prefer to call it, Scripted Fighting. Never, not once while sparring have I used one of the techniques tought in 1 and 3 step sparring. The only thing I can see gained from these is that your training the muscles to automatically respond in the situation were someone throws a right reverse punch while stepping through with their right foot. We all know that doesn't happen except for during running haymakers; In which case a side kick would be more effective.

The negative side of these "Scripted Fights" is a false sense of confidence. What if the punch is coming from the left side, sure our training will keep us from getting hit, but why do we only practice one side? Another minus I see in this training is that if you fight someone with any training at all, then those techniques are ALMOST (not completely) useless.

Hopefully some of you guys will have some insight as to what advantages I'm not able to see while doing these three 1 and 3 step sparring.