Some guy was out hunting, and he shot a duck. The duck fell right into a 300lb farmers field, and by the time the hunter got there, the farmer had the duck.
"Thanks for getting my duck," said the hunter.
"Your duck? It landed in my field, so it's MY duck." Said the farmer.
"I'll tell you what," said the hunter. "I'll Ro-sham-bo you for it."
"Whats that?"
"It's a nut kicking contest. We take turns kicking each other in the nuts until one of us quits. The winner gets the duck."
"Alright,"says the farmer, and the hunter hauled off and kicked him in the jimmies so hard he passed out.
When he comes to, he says to the hunter: "Alright, now it's MY TURN!"
"Ah, you win," said the hunter. "keep the f-ing duck."

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