I have a nieghbor who starts **** with me when he see's me for things I have not done he is a drugie and he also kicked my ass in 7th grade so when he see's me if he in a pissed off mood he slaps me around kinda like punchs though to the head Im a pretty strong guy just not confondident all for the first punch to be thrown Hell I punch my self in the face to ruffen my face up so I not be afraid of geting hit im afraid of geting hit in the nose any way im a victim I dont go to cops or I even more pussy than I all ready am for not standing up for my self is their any preassure points or quick things or parts I should aim for if I one day have the balls to fight this guy?
Im not a bully looking how to fight lil kids im just someone looking for a way to stand up for my self if I had too.
Im not afraid of fighting cheap I all ready will punch a mans throat kick his knee caps or hit him in the balls hell if I was on the ground ill bit a mans balls off if I had too a fight is a fight ill do anything just tell me what I can do thank you.