Leeanna, Usually kids are not pushed as much as some one who is a little older. Usually starting about 10 they are pushed a lot. But under that they are grudually pushed up. Can i ask what style of karate your child is taking? That seems very fast to be getting a yellow belt the first month of training. I know that in our style it takes about 6 months to get to a yellow belt. Even to get to that the young students must be able to remember and perform techniques reasonably well for their age. In the end it will help her that you did not let her test, it will give her more time to perfect her form so by the time she is a black belt.. even if it is a young black belt, people everywhere will know she earned it and wasn't jsut given it. Sadly enough i have seen students like this. I have also seen white belts that perform better than the highest ranking in the class which are brown belts. There are also those instructors that teach for the money and dont really care what their students look like. Students should be a reflection of the sensei. Adults on the other hand are able to do more things and retain more knowledge so that may be why they also learn and advance soo fast as well. Usually an average time for someone to get their black belt is anywhere from 3-6 yrs (2 for tae kwon do.. sometimes)