I have a six year old who just started attending a local Karate school four months ago. I have some concerns .But, I must tell you I know nothing about Karate. Only what I have read on-line.
She attends twice a week. She earned her yellow belt her first month. And as I watch more classes I do not understand how it is decided when someone gets a test card. They gave her another card for her second belt test(orange)but I did not let her test for it yet. My reasons I felt where legitimate. She does not know here punches, or kicks, the ones she does know are done incorrectly. She does not even do her horse stance correctly half of the time.Do they grade children differently? Everyone seems to move from belt to belt very quickly! Adults and children. There are nine year olds walking around with black belts. Three kids tonight moved up to purple belts.Is this normal?I have coached for years and I always believed perfection before progression. Please let me know what you think. She loves the classes. But I do not want her to continue to attend classes repeating bad form. I feel it will be harder to correct the more she repeats the same incorrect moves. But I also do not want to insult the teacher if this is how they teach children.