i do not think so, as they quite blatantly explain what they beleive to be myths and lies about the art in the first place

quote 1
What makes a Ninja special ?
What makes a Ninja formidable is that they have to learn
"Taijutsu" (hand to hand combat) which incorporates "Bugei Juhappan" (18 Samurai
and "Ninjutsu Juhakkei" (18 Ninjutsu Arts).
The "Bugei Juhappan" arts ranges from "Art of self defense" to "Art of throwing
The "Ninjutsu Juhakkei" arts ranges from "Art of spiritual refinement" to "Art of
special disappearing".
"Art of special disappearing" (Inton-jutsu) is the ability to trick the enemies senses.. !
Ninja needs not only to learn these arts but also to master them

quote 2
Many movies that portray the Historical Ninja as a member of a mystical magical warrior family. The
ninja in the movies cast magic spells, project their images, become invisible, fly through the air or even
run across water. These inaccuracies are not particularly damaging to the legendary image of the ninja.
They even add to the mystery and popularity of ninjutsu. The ninja seems to overlook all concepts of
right and wrong and and all morality in order to achieve his self serving goals.
None of these concepts are even close to describing the real ninja.
More than eight hundred years of history stretch back to the founder of the system of ninjutu, Daisuke
Nishina of Togakure Village. After defeat at the hands of Heike troops, Daisuke escaped from his place
of birth in Nagano and moved to the remote region of Iga. He changed his name to Daisuke Togakure
and later was credited with founding the Togakure ryu of ninjutsu.

is there ANYTHING in those 2 quotes that differentiates about your views you have stated, because they are on the first page, and also after researching alot of the other togakure aiki and taijutsu sites, they have also got alot of the other information right. as i said, i beleive what ive SEEN and thats that, i will not bother with this particular line of thought again.