I've searched and found many topics that touch on the Korean Katana but never found anything directing me where to go to get one. Everything is Japanese. I've read references to them made as Jang-gum, Shin-guem, etc. but nothing specific. I asked my Korean instructor about them, but he confirmed that they referred to them as a Katana, just in his own language. They were also difficult to find. He got his practice sword in Korea but said most Americans use Japanese Katanas because they're much easier to get and have a much wider selection.

Please understand that when the time comes for me to get one, it will probably be through him, since I will obviously need his approval beforehand anyway, but I've always been fascinated with swords and have been to every site directed from here to try to get some background on who makes them, information on quality, etc. As with most things, I like to research beforehand so I'm ready when the time comes. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.