Actually that is kinda what I am suggesting.

HG, as far as I am aware is based upon kumdo, its masters were trained in kumdo and its tech are from kumdo.
Which is pretty much Japanese kendo.

(Although I don't understand the "one is meant for one-on-one fighting and one is meant for one on many fighting" I get the sentence I just don't understand what it means.)

Answer me this, how far back can you trace HG? BY NAME.

Whom taught your teacher? And whom taught him? and whom taught him.
My guess, the trail stops around the 50's-maybe as late as the 1920/30's.
And it stops with folks trained in kumdo/kendo.

Since you have posted no info on exactly HOW HG differs from kumdo/kendo.
We don't really have a "false" statement. We have your assurtions that its "false" and little else.

More than happy to have a disccusion, maybe I am totally wrong--would not tbe the first time.

Can we get more specifc?