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Be suspicious of people if they are (or were) a participant of a contact sport where violence and aggression are rewarded with applause and acceptance....

Be wary of theists (those who believe that god or gods exist), most especially those who worship the God of Abraham (Jewish/Christian/Islamic theists)

These statements I do not agree with.

Your first statement is an assumption that people who participate in contact sports are inherently violent and belligerent. Martial arts can fall under the category of a contact "sport". When one performs devestating bunkai or is proficient in fighting, is he/she not rewarded by their peers with applause and acceptance? Should I be wary of everyone who posts at this site? My answer is no. Martial arts, in general, is about self discovery and self improvement through contstant evaluation of one's self and one's actions. Be it through kata, kumite or interaction with others.
I, for one, have been involved with contact sports for pretty much my entire life (football, wrestling). I was always taught that when you are not on the field/mat you are a representive of the team and must always act as a gentleman.

Your second statement assumes that all theists are simple minded people with narrow views and who deal swift punishment to those who do not share their beliefs. The Islamic, Jewish, and Catholic believe in a loving, forgiving god. Theism is not only based on honoring one's god through prayer but also to develop a constructive and cooperative community where each member extends kindness, understanding, and brother/sisterhood to the other.
From reading your past posts it seems that your parents used the bible as justification for their violence towards you and your siblings. In doing so your parents have become heretics in their own right. It seems that from your experiences you associate theists with villians. Have you not let yourself become narrow-minded as well? Every nation, religion, race has their bad seeds. Please dont assume that the mis-guided actions and beliefs of the few are the norm.

I hope that one day you find an outlet for your demons and move forward towards a happier life.

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