Be wary of theists (those who believe that god or gods exist), most especially those who worship the God of Abraham (Jewish/Christian/Islamic theists).

That's over two billion people(!) I have to be afraid of. I don't have time to to bother worrying about that many people. Dozer, I'm atheist (as in I denounce organized religion as a whole), However I was raised a catholic and find your opinion of theists to be crude and ignorant at best. Think of it this way if it will help; there cannot possible be two billion evil theists in the world.

An other issue I think should be brought up is where your opinions have been formed. You grew up in what seems to be an incredibly voilence and hate-filled atmosphere, the situations you gained expreience from are, far more often than not something the rest of us will never experience. Violence is surely everything you describe it as, but this world isn't as full of it as you assume.