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Disagree with you all.

You seem to have romanticised the past by attributing honour and glory to people who used the weapons of their time.


The samurai at their time were the thugs of the day.

A thug then would be a thug now, regardless of the weapons used.



Maybe... Which of us can brand each samurai with the title of "thug". We were not alive then and all we have today are remnants of the past. Remnants that do not give details of every single samurai. Before you make judgements such as that you should think.
As for the debate on the swords and the firearms, My opinion is as follows:
A sword is a weapon that is used to kill. Learning the art of the sword is learning how to kill. As with the gun, it is the same. Learning the art of the gun is also learning how to kill. However people are different, that indeed they are.
How a weapon is used depends on that individual. In wars, guns are used to kill, not to save. Like in the elder days of Japan, before the annihilation of the samurai and the coming of the Meiji Era, people fought using swords. people would kill using the sword. There were some though who used their swords to save people, instead of kill.
This same principle can be applied to the gun. One does not have to aim for the head or a vital area. As with a sword, one does not have to decapitate or strike a fatal blow.
I have seen two Japanese anime in which these principles are always applied. They are "Rurouni Kenshin" and "Trigun". If you ever have the chance, watch these. I live by the art of protecting the lives of all and using the sword to save and not kill.
I know it is not possible for this ideal to spread throughout the world for it has changed, people have changed. But the fact still remains; a weapon is a tool for killing unless wielded by one who would use it in an otherwise way.