I have to say that as a soldier in the British Red Berets Airborne forces (2 Para) and having fought in the recent Gulf war against Iraq i totally disagree that there is no skill to modern weapons. Me and my men have to know first how to use the ground, it's cover and how to spot our enemy who will be trying his best also to use any cover he can find, then it's comes down to how best to take out that threat. It's no good blazing away. We could choose to have Delta giving suprresive fire while i take Charlie team either right or left flanking before taking my grenadier onto that position and assaulting it. Fire and maneuvere has to be mastered also. wether it be individual fire maneuver as a team of two men..Pairs fire and manevere as a fire team of four men.Squads fire and mmaneuvere as part of a section and so on and so forth.
Also, the honour in fighting and killing comes from men and women who fight for the freedom and liberty of others. I think that anyone fighting forthose things, for the sake of others, are extremely honourable indeed. And i say this not onnly because i have fought in Iraq, but because the people i fought alongside deserve that recognition also.