the basis is the gun-owners of my small area. however, i've come to realize that those slothish and cowardly gun-owners (who'll run up on you from behind with a pistol)were cowardly before. i have been hasty in judgement, because a any weapon in the hand of a coward will be used in the manner of one. and there are responsible owners, true. but anyone who owns a weapon should(but won't always) should know about the maininence and care of their weapons (lazy/sloth). as for reloading under fire (assuming the fight lasted longer than the initial four bullets), it's not likely for anyone. your "average" modern gunfight won't last long enough to empty a clip(if either gunman has any skill at aiming). perhaps we are romanticizing swordsmen for using what was available, because john is right, a thug is a thug, but i have yet to see a gunfighting-based martial art.