Well, since we seem to have "started over again," I guess it's up to me to come up with a new topic. Let's see.....

Our group primarily studies Muso Shinden ryu iaido a form of Japanese swordsmanship that can usually be traced back to about 1585 or so, though MSR as a system seems to date from the late 19th century in its present form.

Most people think iaido (if they know anything about it at all) consists of solo kata with a practice sword. However, "old-school" type practitioners use shinken (real swords) and do partner kata with wooden swords in addition to solo kata.

The question is, how important are partner forms in swordsmanship? It sounds funny, until you realize there are more than a few iai practitioners who never do partner forms. Enlighten me: do Korean sword practitioners also do partner forms?

What about cutting practice?

Deborah K-B