Dear Deborah:

I forgot to add something in my last post.

I have raised this question on a couple of Nets and wonder if anyone here can provide some help.

The Head of the Hwa Rang Kumdo Assn, GM Hyi Koo, 8th Dan has chosen to accellerate our training by shifting to the use of shin guem (steel swords) in the next year or so. This will entail the purchase of some rather pricey forged weapons from Korea. There are some students who are anxious about making such an investment ($900 to $1200) and risking violating the laws and ordinances of the Chicago area. As only one a few Anglos in an otherwise all Korean organization I have volunteered to gather the necessary information. To date I have attempted to contact the States Attorney, Public Defender, police department as well as other organizations whose interest is fencing (east or west). So far no luck.

If anyone has had experience in this matter or can recommend resources for getting this information I would very appreciative.

Beat Wishes,
Bruce W Sims