Addressed to Senior Martial art Masters,

Pursuing its constant quest for researching Military Unarmed Combat arts
The internationally renowned UNARMED COMMANDO COMBAT ACADEMY, the ‘UCCA’ is in the process of forming a World Council, ‘ITAC’,


ITAC will be made of Senior Martial Arts Masters of repute from various Continents with at least 20-25 years of general Martial arts training, minimum Fifth Deg BB, & with years of Military Martial Arts / CQB Training experience.

The goals of ITAC will be to research Armed & Unarmed Tactical Offensives in Military combat / CQB for use in Close Quarter Special Operations.

Here, we will have forums, journals & exchange of literature audiovisual media & technical skills from the various arts & ranges applicable to CQB situations. The Council will feature experts from various martial arts & regional combat styles.

The ITAC will be an ONLINE venture and will have a separate website devoted to it. Also see,

ITAC Council membership is non commercial & there is no fee involved. Every ITAC Council member will be granted an ITAC induction certificate & a Honorary Black Belt in the Advanced commando Combat System, (no fees are involved).
The UCCA is inviting applications from Senior Martial Arts masters from various styles & continents.

The ITAC will represent the best there is in the Military Martial arts/CQB Training fraternity.

Please Send your
Ranks (& highest rank), Style/s,
Short Biodata &
No of years of Experience with Military /Police Special Op Units & Names of units

We will certainly consider you for induction into this elite Council.
(The UCCA is an Academy committed to imparting the state of the art training to the special Operation forces. Visit us at

Thank you,
Yours truly,

Dr Rao, DSc (Military Sc), PhD( Med), MD, MB, FRSH (UK), CLET (USA)
for UCCA – Unarmed Commando Combat Academy