I've been working an assignment in a ghetto hi rise. It's one man patrol until something develops. In the last month Ive used 2 1/2 cans of pepper spray, drawn my baton 5 times and used it on three occaisons. Drawn my pistol responding to shots fired and held one at gunpoint. I'm becoming a one man statistical trend!
I think I was spoiled way back when I first used pepper spray. the first people I sprayed just crumpled. Lately I've had my eyes opened. Ive had one guy take a faceful of pepper foam (wearing glasses) who was able to turn and run. I caught up to him and gave him some more, at which time he went over backward but was able to take a kick at me while he was on his back. One semi good ASP stroke on his leg convinced him to roll over and put his hands behind his back. Another gentleman resisting arrest took a facefull of foam which only closed one of his eyes. After I peeled his lady friend off my back I gave him another squirt which brought him to his knees where I was able to cuff him. Now for the hairy one. One on one with a pretty good sized guy, LARGE upper body, coked to the eyeballs and ready to fight or run. (I'm pushing 50 so I dont like to run after the young guys anymore.) A good burst of MK-3 caused him to close both eyes and turn his head, at which time I step in and give him a good swift kick in the crotch.(not an academy approved technique) Oops, his head snaps around and here he comes, both eyes open looking straight at me. I back pedal, give him another squirt in the face and for good measure an ASP shot on his left thigh.(exactly like they taught it) This time he comes swinging, I'm shuffling backwards and spraying, he's got both eyes open looking straight into the stream of pepper like it's not there. He pauses, so I skip in and give him another ASP stroke, this one coming from way back. (kinda felt like hitting a long drive.) So now he eyeballs me for a second, then takes off running like a shot! I was standing there all alone when the troops arrived, wondering what in the hell my "intermediate force" weapons were good for? If he had attempted to close again I would probably have swung for his head. (bad ju ju) or had to wrestle with a pepper slimed cokehead and risk losing my gun.
Another guy was able to keep turning his head while we grappled so he never really got a good dose. The can ran empty in the middle of this. I held on to it while I gave him 3 tetsui type fist hammers high on his spine and neck. Another myth exploded,,a chemical agent can does NOT make a good fist maul! Those blows felt kind of funny but did take him to his knees momentarily. I pitched the empty pepper can over my shoulder, got him turned and into a rear naked choke, which was hard to maintain because he was so slimy with the pepper foam. I never got it sunk in to where it was effective and he was able squirm around a lot.(greased goblin effect?) Some other folks were looking ready to join in, so I got the ASP out and clobbered him on the upper arm, shoulder and high part of his back as he turned away. He went back down and just kind of sat there while I cuffed him to the push bar on a door.I held his other arm in an armbar so he couldn't hand his crack baggie off in the crowd until backup arrived.
In the future (which is now) I'm going to be a whole lot less inclined to use pepper spray. It may or may not work and it turns me into a one handed fighter until I do something with the can.(try getting it back in the holster while you're grappling) Sorry if this is kind of long, just wanted to share things with you all and get your feedback. K-