My advice: be able to articulate what you did, why you did it, and base it on conservative self defense doctrine and the dynamic application of skills, and collect third party winesses to the whole situation or even just parts of it.

...but only articulate these things to your lawyer. You never know for sure how individual officers and/or the district attorney in your area feel about self defense issues. I really think that if something happens, you should not offer any information at all. Officers who understand the court system is not always our friend will know that your silence does not imply you feel that you are in the wrong, and in any case they are already obligated to do an investigation no matter how reasonable your story is. Sometimes what we say can complicate matters even when officers are on your side. I have a homicide detective friend who has told me of nights when he wished someone would just stop talking before they dig a hole he can't get them out of.

The rest of your post was spot on! (IMHO)