Many officers do not take the time to develop themselves in unarmed urban warfare. I have studied since I was 16 (30 now)a variety of martial arts, jiu-jitsu to black belt and many of others as a supplement. I just don't buy the whole "it takes years" to master idea. It does take years to master someone elses way of doing it, but not your way of doing it. Respect tradition, but don't be confined to it.

Police officers are taught just enough for a department to say "we taught them". Which is too bad for those that don't add to their arsenal throughout their life. But there does exist that hardcore inner circle of officers of every police department that are better at violence than the the hardcore street thug. They are why the half hearted arm locks of the incompetent officers work. Thugs do not know which type of officer they have run into and often are not willing to chance it. They would rather take the plea and get 1 day out of it than take the ass whoopin and carry the scars with them for life.

Now with my philisophical rambling out of the way... [IMG][/IMG], all arts have something to add to police work. Combatives for LE MUST be a hybrid version of many styles. No one style can do the job, but aikido is a good foundation. And I think also, that people get so caught up in Asian tradition or some other countries way of doing it, we forget about our own way of doing it. Americans are masters of taking something and making it better, much better. Street thugs survive great levels of violence every day with no martial arts training. Think about that.