Hello friends
Since aikido techniques aren't easy to learn(bearing in mind the particular circular steps/ movements in its techniques) yet effective in its own right

I was wondering based from your personal experience as a Law enforcement agent/ officer, about the arts effectiveness during arresting or apprehending a suspect?

With the arts syllabus that takes quite some time to master do police units take excuse the term " crash course aikido " for police officers?

On a different note:

In Indonesia the police units are trained mostly in striking arts such as karate, silat, kempo and jujutsu. Although they are trained in the arresting techniques most apprehensions are still very "amateur" (generally slugging the suspect into a somewhat near KO state then applying the control.
I find this interesting since American law enforcement officers and Europeans are quite efficient (respected and notorious) in their arresting techniques as compared to the Indonesian police force.


Hormat, damai, sejahtera
Peace, respect and joy