This may or may not be of interest, and may or may not be allowable by your department's use of force policy. Regardless I like it and thought I would share. I call this the "Elvis".
Assalient is attacking with some type of strike etc.
Deffender blocks and paries to the outside Goes in for a LV neck restraint, BUT uses JUST the inside arm for the choke... er "restraint" by flexing the bicep, and bringing the hand behind defenders own head in an action resembling "smoothing" defenders hair.
The body position is That is that the inside side of the deffenders body is flush against the attackers backside. So together attacker and defender resemble a "T".
This position allows mobility alowwing the defender to give commands to other individuals in the area, walk the attacker while maintaining the restaint, and gives defender access to, side arms, baton, chmical irritant with the free hand.
I hope this made sense.
Stay safe,