Tonight i have to attend an open night for new Student Officers.

I have been lookin forward to this for ages as it seems that to join the police has been the only thing on my mind of late.

Anyway, on saturday i was trainingin my JKD gym as per usual. And with saturday being the sparrin class, i naturally sparred. The guy i was sparrin with, although much smaller, is a hell of a lot more experienced than i am. He is a great teacher and does everything he can for you in class but as he still competes, he spars as well.

So once i get geared up (shin and foot pads, gloves, and mouth piece) i am ready to start.

So Here i am sparring away, gettin my head knocked in (its not as bad as it sounds), throwing out a few techniques that i was proud of. I throw a high left roundhouse kick to his head, and BAM!!! Next thing i am on the ground, nose bust open, cut above my eye, and wondering WTF happenned!

Anyway, it seems that i drop my left hand when i throw a left kick (i never noticed this before-but i think i will be more aware of it now!! [IMG][/IMG])

I have no complaints, as if you are going to learn to fight, you are going to get hit. But my problem is this. and its quite amusing too.

I have this Student Offecers night tonight, and i am attending it with a black eye, a cut above my eye and a swollen lip. I am going to look like i just walked out from a streetfight on saturday night!

They say first impressions are lasting impressions. Let's hope not for my sake. [IMG][/IMG]

Big Bear