that sounds like shin shin toitsu aikido or aikido with mind and body unified, its a ki aikido school, lead by Koichi Tohei (10.Dan) I’ve seen some of the things these guy's can do. It takes a long time to learn these things, more so then other martial arts, since the first 2-3 years are spent doing things that don’t seem to have any martial relevance. The time spent does however relate to fighting, the aiki taiso exercise and ki taiso exercise is done to condition you body. remember karate kid “wax on wax off” I felt like that for 3 years before sensei finally showed me why we do thing the way we do them. It’s a great way of weeding out the stereotypical "I wanna B a ninja...maaan" type.

Anyway the first long period of time is spend more or les solely on ki practice and channeling it the things you talk about are part of the lowest kyu grading “the unbendable arm” try imagining you mind as a water fosset you arm is a hose and you finger is the nozzle, now point and open the nozzle, (don’t flex and don’t relax, try being in a state of no resistance it the place just between tense and relaxed ) Now try having some one bend your arm while the “water is flowing”. Watch some of the old clips with O-sensei and watch how he moves around and lands people on there arse with out ever touching them.

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