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Can you re-word the question? I am not sure what you mean and it could be answered a couple of different ways depending on what you mean.

A couple of points (no pun intended)...

Hit and strike would be the same thing...unless you mean something different in your use of them.

Also, rub is not the best word to use as some folks here take umbrage to the use of the term as they seem to think that it implies something gentle and ineffective. Vibration is probably a better term...or even vigorous vibration.

Here is an analogy for the strike (or hit if you like) vs. vibration...bend either arm so that you can easily reach your elbow with the opposite side hand. Now, grab a big chunk of the skin on the elbow and pinch it like crazy (and yes...if you are reading this, I really want you to do that). See? No pain. Now, do the same to the inner part of your thigh...or your lip. See? A little bit of pressure and it hurts way more than the elbow. The simple reason why is when it comes to the elbow, there is a lack of mechanical nociceptors as compared to the lip or the inner thigh. Same stimuli (actually less stimuli when it comes to the inner thigh or the lip, but of the same type) and drastically different results. The same is true of vital points...it takes different types of stimuli at different areas to get the desired result.

I don't know if that goes towards answering your question...it's late...but if you will re-word the question, I'll take another shot at it.

[/QUOTE]thanks for the reply, good reply

considering what i gave you to work with,was a little tired my self . I will re-word and re-post.