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hello everybody,
as you can probably tell i am new here, i dont like to fight but i do like to go out with my freinds and the area i am in isnt the safest area and if i did happen to get in a fight i dont want my only choices to be; get my ass kicked or try run away then get caught and beat to the ground. I am not very big, i am 5'3" and i weigh 110lbs. I do work out alot, and i do have a pretty good build. I am thinking of taking boxing but i would like to hear from you guys what would be a good martial arts/self defense course for someone my size. i am in grade 10. I have never hit anyone serioulsy in the face but from what i see it hurts...is this true, like is punching a wall liek the same as hitting someone in the face? i dont plan on hitting anyone in the face i would like to know what it feels like so i dont hit someone in a fight then fall to the ground holding my fist. I read some posts about hitting in the neck can take people out in 1 hit, my cousin said that going for the body is the best way to go and not for the head? are there any fighting teqhniques for street fighting, and i have heard about fist fillers, im not sure what they do, other than you hold them in your fist, but what are there point can you hit harder with them? if anyone could help me answer any of my questions

p.s me and my freinds dont go out looking for trouble but other people do and thats what im kinda worried of and when people get in fights now they dont stop when they get to the ground, they beat the hell out of the untill they get tired. i think it is disgusting how people can beat others to a pulp. i know fighting isnt honorable but i think the most honorable thing in a fight is leaving them when theyre on the ground


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for one you can't be afraid to hit somebody in the face, especially if you want to choose boxing for your self defense. it is unproffessional to belittle other martial arts, but boxing is a sport designed for points and knock outs. In a street combat situation you do not want to do that thing where you see who can take the most punches. It sounds like you should try an art of re-directing other peoples energy or even pressure points. Many of the most devistating moves do not contain punches or kicks! BSTONE, in a way this fella has chosen a good place to post this question. Pressure points in the body can be very effective, especially on the arms.
The solar plexus, groin, etc aren't classified as pressure points but vital points, and can easily disable your opponent giving you time to run away.
torite jutsu or aikijitsu would be good for you to check out. It just sounds like you need to build your confidence, but carrying something like knuckle dusters or other weapons on the street wouldn't be wise!
hope i helped!