There has been a scenario that has caused me much thought and confusion. Now it is important that I stress that I am not an expert on the subject of pressure points having limited training so with any claims, explanations or suggestions please include proper reasoning and language for the layman.

A friend once told me that he knew a high ranking martial artist (probably Karate) who lost his temper at work. A collegue was being extremely irritant and making him excruciatingly angry and in the end he responded by rendering the man unconscious. Here's the strange bit; he did this without a naked choke hold or knife hand strike rather, he used a grab or push of some sort. The subject 'woke up' shortly afterwoods with no visiable blood stagnation or cuts.

The friend that told me this is very trustworthy and assures me it is a true story.

How did the martial artist do this? Are most karate professionals this adept or is he of a rare breed of the art? Thanks.