I was born in Lebanon 1967, in the capitol city, Beirut. In 1972 the civiler war began and in the age of 10 years, I had to carry a weapon. In 1980 I started to practice karate kyokushin-kai. My teacher was grand master HASHEM MAKKI, the branch chief of the Lebanese kyokushin-kai organization. 1984 is the year when I attended the 1-th Dan black belt degree. After that I cam to Odessa (Ukraine), to study in 1988. I organized my first group and started to teach karate, 1988. My club’s name was karate dojo, and the place of my club was Odessa city.
In the year 1990 I returned to Lebanon and took a test on the 2-end Dan. After my return to Odessa, I knew that already exist a Ukrainian kyokushin-kai federation, but from the first contact with them, I felt that I’m not welcome in there organization. On 1991 I developed my single federation and style. It was the simmey-do karate or the way of the bright spirit. It is a mix style, so universal. The base was kept from kyokushin-kai karate with the add of jiu-jitsu elements and kickboxing punches. At the present time a have many branches in a different country’s. Russia, Ukraine, Chechnya, Dagistan, Armenia and many more. My federation organizes tournaments and my pupils tack participation in deferent cants of championships. The movement of my federation is continuing, because my style is a way. A way of life and discipline. Let us not forget that the globule meaning of the karate is not to defeat somebody, but in the first time our one self’s.

The president of the simmey-do karate federation
Kahil Salam http://simmeydo.jeeran.com