The Tele-evangelist method works quite well, (you know, the pushing on the forhead and slap on the side of the neck), as you see on TV. As for Dillman, I disagree with his methods, that is all. And long-term effects doesn't mean like permanent brain damage, it means imbalance in energy which could cause many things. If someone suffers from sudden chronic insomnia, how the hell would they know it was caused by one of Dillman's strikes? Slapping on the top of the head, as I have seen them do, is one of the worst, and could cause long-term effects (Note: This is different from DELAYED). In order to understand the kind of effects it could have, they have do have knowledge of basc accupuncture/pressure medicine, or at least be taught what they do.

Erle Montagiue's application's aren't very good you might say, but they are based for internal sylists. Where it is mostly based on pre-emptive striking, angles, closing/trapping. He has more knowledge in basic Dim Mak than most people I have seen, and he understands internal flow as well as the healing effects/damaging effects the strikes could have done correctly. Internal striking is different because there is no mindset, everything just happens naturally, but your mind is still basically in control. The "no mind" concept in the internal arts is difficult to explain, it is what allows complex body mechanics such as fa jing happen without a single thought crossing your mind, and the same thing that allows one to sense openings and hit at precise angles with hardly any effort at extremely fast speeds.
Truth comes from the absolute stillness of the mind...