He is right. Death touch does not exist. It looks like a "touch" from perhaps old men who have practiced INTERNAL arts all their lives because they are able to concentrate such vast amounts of mechanical energy into one point. As you get more advandced in internal arts, you can send someone flying by barely moving. It LOOKS like they aren't moving, but their awareness of weight and body mechanics is so natural, and the internal happenings are concealed, that one is able to do the same thing with almost no wasted movement. Internal arts are about putting the mind, body, and soul together, but mostly about learning how to truly move. Thats why motion, slow, and stillness is so essential to practice.

"Fa jing" is useless because you can't kill anyone nowdays. Real Fajing was used in strikes, to cause temporary (or permanent) effects, just like accupressure. There are PLENTY of obvious medical places you could strike, (chops to back of neck, side etc.) which are also found in Dim Mak. Fa jing can be done so close to the body, (even if your finger is touching the point), that perhaps amongst the most advandced internalists, it looks like a "touch."
"He made my arm go numb by just touching me!" It wasn't a touch, internally, there is alot of violent direction of energy being led to this one point.
Truth comes from the absolute stillness of the mind...