Martial Signing TM Seminar
Sunday June Sunday, June 29th
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
York Karate
42 Goodmark Place Unit 10
Toronto, ON M9W 6S2
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Coordination needed for performing traditional martial arts movements is the same as is needed for communicating in ASL. Observing that the human body can only move in so many ways, it is not surprising to note that many martial movements are similar to or the same as words or phrases used in the manual language of the Deaf. Martial Signing™ uses this relationship as a tool for learning and applying effective self-defense techniques. This deep-rooted connection between manual communication and martial movement helps the martial artist understand movements in their kata in a unique and new way.

Associating self-defense movements with ASL phrases allows for the practitioner to easily include emotional content and intent with each physical action. This speeds up the learning process and time it takes to internalize movement and techniques, making for self-defense in the dojo more readily accessible under the stress of a violent encounter!

Martial SigningTM is best studied through close examination of the six underlying principles that make it effective. The six principles of Martial SigningTM are i) use pressure points, ii) welcome attacks, iii) complete your thought, iv) cosign, v) vary your tone, and vi) redundancy. Matt will cover these principles in detail in this workshop!

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