I agree with you about healthy debate, it's definately a good idea. We can only learn by exploring all paths open to us.
I have just started doing pressure point stuff with Leon Jay in Surrey, England and find it very interesting indeed. After 19 years of Karate I feel that I am learning something real. Although, I don't think that every move in a Kata is a pressure point strike. I feel that the search to re-engineer every move to make it so is a bit fruitless. I was at a BBQ last weekend as Leon Jays house and got into a conversation with a Shotokan Karate-Ka who does the "Dillman method". Some of the Bunkai that he came up with worked with the newer (may I say bastardised) Shotokan kata but, if you look at the more original versions, they didn't quite make sense. Kanku Dia and Chatan Yara Kushanku are good examples. I've alredy posted this argument on the Kata forum if you're interested in looking.

It would be interesting to see what other people think.