I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for participating so far in the PP forum. We have easily been the most active forum on FightingArts.Com in the last week or two. I have invited many more people to join us, so expect things to get more interesting quickly.

I also want to address the tone of the forum. This forum is designed to to be a place for healthy discussion/debate. This stuff usually generates a lot both. I realize that the ideas that are presented are vastly different from those that have been taught in mainstream karate/kempo/kenpo for decades, but give a listen, give a try.

When I was first introduced to these methods, I fought hard against them. A down block was a down block. Once I dusted off my butt after getting up off of the floor from being KO'd by a down block...I changed my tune.

I want people here who disagree with me to feel free post regularly, I welcome the challenge/oppertunity to share with and learn from each of you. But let's keep the atmosphere light and not get religious about it. If you are here to share/learn...welcome, if you are here to incite...there's the door.

We are all trying to improve our chosen martial art or our own ability/knowledge this forum and forums like this one are a great place to do so and remember humans once thought the world was flat and VanDamme was good idea(HA HA).

Eyes and Minds Open...