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i have tried this 360 jump as well and can confirm that i failed in stupendus style, after watching my instructor make it look so easy i realised that its going to take some time to get right. during your jump do you perform a cresent kick(mikazuki geri)in mid flight for the 1st half and then a back kick(ashura geri)for the 2nd half this also in mid flight abit like a jumping split kick is the only way i can discribe it, the only reason i ask is that there are some karate styles that teach unsu with the kick still in place in the 360 jump i have never seen this done this i have only heard from talking to other members of our club, wether these are the truth or not i cannot say.
mind you that would be one hell of a fancy kick abit hollywoodish but still cool...
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thanx for your reply. I have been told to use the momentum of the crecent kick to power the jump. yes i have seen the other way that you refered to. I cant imagine doing the crescent kick on the ground and then throwing yourself into the jumpspin. Yeah its gonna take alot of time. But i love kata, so im not in any rush. Thats why kata is a lifetime study. thanks again