Thank you for the post Sensei Ohl.

I have been training with Ronnie for 6 years now, after coming from a base of Shorinkan, Judo, GJJ/CJJ and boxing. My brother and I searched in vain for over 12 years to find a good Okinawan karate dojo in the San Antonio area. There were/are none. We were pointed in Sensei Lindsey's direction by another Kobayashi practitioner from Houston.

Bastrop is about 90 minutes from where we live and our initial meeting with him was a lot less eventful than yours. He did show us some ti/tuite, and answered any questions we had about his ideas on fighting and karate. He talked at length about the Okinawan karate he knew and taught, and we, of our experiences in the arts while in the Philippines. A quick visit turned into a 3 hour stay. When it was all said and done we asked him to train us and haven't looked back since.

Coming from a decent MAs foundation I think I can spot what is legit and what is "Hope Ryu" or "Dollar-do". I would have to agree with you that as a karate man I have seen none like Lindsey. His ability and knowledge forged by his dedication and diligence for over 35 years now, has made him IMO one of the top 5 karate sensei in the world.

Another interesting thing to note is that his karate and his karate knowledge and accumen have increased over the years. When you guys met he was still young. Those who have been training with him since the 80's have said that his ability and knowledge are even greater now than when he returned from Okinawa or when he ran the various organizations.

I find it entertaining that many so-called sensei, masters, soke and GMs are filthy rich or famous with just rudimentary skills or knowledge of their karate, yet Sensei Lindsey still lives in Bastrop, still runs his classes out of his backyard dojo and still teaches classes for 30 bucks a month. I think he might have ~10 regular students at the most. I don't think that the MAs powers that be have ever heard of him or featured him in any MAs periodical.

Such a shame. Their loss not mine. Anyway, he does have a few very, very dedicated students who will perpetuate O'Sensei Soken's karate principles as well as the principles Ronnie has added to his brand of Matumura Seito.

I know I'm the only one of his students that gets on these sometimes idiotic forums to challenge false claims and any disparaging remarks folks may have concerning Okinawan karate and Matsumura Seito in particular. Everyone always tells me it's a waste of time, but I don't think defending what you know is right is ever a waste, and I enjoy educating people even if they accept what I'm saying or not.

I do know that this little conversation with Mr. Churchill led to a new story, a piece of modern karate lore [IMG][/IMG] and a personal post from one of the best Okinawan karate-ka in the world. Sorry to use your name without actually knowing you, but Sensei Lindsey has spoken very highly of you in the past. He did tell me you were once a student of his, but left it at that. I really appreciate the details you added.

Thank you once again Sensei Ohl. Now I'm gonna go train.

Bryan Cyr