Pai Lum Kung Fu was created by Dr. Daniel Kane Pai. The Pai Lum curriculum has never been static and has been redefined by successive students. The original curriculum of Pai Lum was Goju Ryu Karate.

The first Chinese martial arts forms that were taught within Pai Lum Kung Fu were Praying Mantis forms from Manuel Agrella’s Jook Lum Tong Leong Pai. These were taught to Thomas D. St. Charles, Peter Genero, and Charlie Hatchett who then taught them to the rest of the students. Lee Chun Pai, a friend and student of Dr. Pai, introduced the Hung Gar forms into Pai Lum. (

A subsystem of Pai Lum Kung Fu is Bok Leen Pai (White Lotus System). It is also called White Lotus Kenpo which gives hints of its true origin. Contrary to popular belief, Bok Leen Pai was not developed or taught in the “White Lotus Monastery” in Okinawa. The history and personages of Karate in Okinawa are well documented. Curiously enough one is hard pressed to find an actual White Lotus Monastery or Okinawan Karate teacher who would have been able to teach the American/Tracy Kenpo techniques before they were invented.

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