So we are told that the Quan Fa came from Shaolin and Fujian province, and many of the forms from Dog Boxing, Monk Fist, Black Tiger and Crane formed the basis for many kata in the three mainline toudi traditions.

But what of kata that the okinowans invented themselves? That came from native te, or possibly from Qin Na, before Kempo was routinely taught by Chinese sailors, settlers and diplomatic missions?

Can anyone classify kta that were invented on Okinowa before the introduction of Kempo, and are the bunkai known for these? Did the bunkai come from te gumi drills?

I know that Rinkan was Nakasone's (Tomari) personal kata, I assume that Kokan was invented by Kokan Oyadomari, I know Su unsu was invented by Shimbakuro Tatsuo.

I assume that Annanko was invented by Annan. Chinpe Chinsu, Juma and Uenibu were said to be lost katas, but all five were revived after Choto Kyan did some research in Taiwan.

Although I am only searching on the net, I have found only one source that points to a Chinese origin of Unsu, and it claims it to be a dragon system form.

Does anyone know?