Lesson # 5:

"The ascending jab with explosive leg power".

The "ascending jab" is effective mostly against tall opponents, it could be at times effective against opponents of more or less your own height.

Lets suppose that your opponent is taller than you and he is separate from you (at a distance) as seen on figure 1.


Figure 1. - Your opponent on the left side could be one much taller that the model.

So in order to get inside, you move forward your left foot landing heel first and began by bending your knees (see figure 2).


Figure 2. - Be sure that the heel of your foot lands first.

Keep bending your knees further and put your weight on the front (see figure 3).


Figure 3. - Bend your knees like in a squat to throw this jab with your legs' explosive power.

Then go up and forwards with your legs explosive power and hit your opponent hard with an "ascending jab" (see figure 4).


Figure 4. - Your feet are off the floor when hitting.

Once you are inside get set to throw your best punches (see figure 5).


Figure 5. - When you land, your back foot touches the ground the first.

(See variations of the "ascending jab" in lesson # 6).