Lesson # 6:

"Variations of the ascending jab".

(See definition of the "ascending jab" in lesson # 5).

The variations of this jab are many. Julio Cesar Chavez the great fighter of the 80s and 90s often used these techniques.

When throwing the ascending jab your upper body usually won't lean (see figure 1).


Figure 1. - This jab carries explosive leg power.

But if your opponent wants to surprise counter you with a straight right when you throw this jab you can lean your upper body to avoid his counter or even use classic blocking with it (see figures 2 and 3).


Figure 2. - Compare your upper body position with the one on previous picture.


Figure 3. - Leaning and blocking simultaneously.

Depending on the distance your target is at you can throw the ascending jab:

-Keeping your feet well apart from each other while in the air.
-Letting them get closer until they almost touch each other.
-Not letting them get to close as you can see on pictures above and picture 4 of lesson # 5.
-Crossing them.

Depending on your abilities and tricks you can "load" (pull back) your left shoulder before throwing the ascending jab (see figure 3 in lesson # 5).

When you're practicing this jab to start with, you should try to:

-Not let your feet get to close while in the air (hitting a target not too far away will help).
-Don't "load" your shoulder too much.
-Bend your knees a lot before throwing it.

Once you've got more practice you should start trying variations.

Also you should practice:

-The 1-2 with the ascending jab.
-The ascending jab as a weapon of offensive attack when you are backing up.
-Throwing it after you have allowed your opponents jab to go over your shoulder simultaneously avoiding and attacking forcing your way to the inside (in this case your oponent is a tall one stepping back with each jab he throws).