Lesson # 7:

"Straight right pivoting to the right ---> straight right (against a left hander)".

Let suppose that your left hander opponent was 3 steps apart from you and that he made you follow him to the ropes. Or could be a situation where he is already on the ropes calling you to get inside and fight (see figure 1).


Figure 1.- You are moving toward your opponent.

So you begin stepping toward him and throw the strongest straight right that you can with your last step and start pivoting on your front foot (see figure 2).


Figure 2.- Your front foot that is already pivoting landed a little to the right you might need to do this too.

Keep pivoting and jump with your left foot before your back foot lands to get in the position shown on figure 3.


Figure 3.- This is your position after pivoting and jumping.

Finally with your opponent out of balance throw another right (see figure 4).


Figure 4.- This move left your opponent with no reaction time, guaranteed.

The next lesson # 8 shows exactly the same foot work seen here but viewed from an opposite angle.