I've been training in Karate (my first MA) for about a year now, and I'm concerned with two aspects of my kicking that I hope someone can advide on.

The first issue is simply one of height, can anyone recomend drills that will improve my ability to kick to the head (I'm comfortable with kicking chudan, or 'elbow' height, but I can't 'stretch' any higher)

The second issue is my tendency to, when aiming for my highest possible kicks, feel my standing foot slip forwards (I presume in response to the momentum of the kicking foot coupled with the lack of 'splits ability' between the two.) This is obviously not a good thing [IMG]http://www.fightingarts.com/forums/ubb/smile.gif[/IMG] Any ideas?

I've been following a regular (bi-daily) stretching programme, about 15 mins a day, with little obvious success, but am I right in thinking that this is of little use for training for the 'dynamic stretching' involved in kicking?