I witnessed an organized streetfight last year in Orlando between a 5'11" 19 yr old free-style wrestler, a Penn H.S. state champion in his senior year at 215ibs. with a 33-0 record with 25 pins V. a 5'10 & 1/4" 44 yr old horror poet from FLA who weighed 162ibs., who was described as being skilled in the art of Mujitsu. Right, none of us who witnessed this brief brutal fight had ever heard of Mujitsu it either. But it worked for this guy. Evidently, the art is centered around winning a fight by ANY means nessacary. Well, as these 2 closed on one another, the older man yelled "Wait! That's cheating." He was pointing at his opponents midsection. (They were both shirtless wearing only gym shorts.). As the wrestler looked down, the older fellow casually strolled up to his opponent & pulled out what was later described as a Myotron---a stun-gun like weapon disgusied as a cell-phone. He lunged forward & jammed it into Mr. wrestler's abdomen & activated an electric charge & that was it! Wrestle-boy collapsed like a wet towell. Myotron man then knee-dropped him right in the crotch, calmly strattled his chest, and with the palm of his right hand, smashed the guy's nose bloody flat & repeated the strike to his front teeth, sending at least 5 of them flying loose. His third palm strike landed flush on the young man's left eye, resulting in an ugly swelling. (At the hospital, Doctors were unable to save the eye.). Poet-man then stood up, and before any of us could do a thing, he bolted away into the night. Meanwhile, grappling champ-boy was about to start on a painful journey through the land of rehabilitation. His sinuses are still screwed up & of course he's blind in one eye--the result of a match that lasted no more than 20 seconds! PoetMan has never been heard from again. Word on the street is he's far away from Florida. Moral of the story: NEVER assume because you're bigger, younger & stronger than your opponent, that you'll waltz to an easy victory. He may have something, literally, hidden up his sleeve.